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Become part of a community of professionals that will inspire, entertain and motivate you, and help you move forward. Achieve more together.

Virtual Office Services

Co-Working Services

An Oasis in the Desert

WisdomLab is a facilitating ecosystem that has a mission to awaken human genius to explore the scientist and the sage within so you can choose to live a joyful, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Our Support Eco-system!

WisdomLab aims to provide a secure and enabling ecosystem that addresses individual development from a multi-dimensional perspective

Executive Coaching

This is about Knowing Yourself … your mental and physical wellbeing, your finances, your relationships, your career, your daily discipline & lifestyle… and nurturing wellbeing habits to optimize your potential to live a life of professional excellence, synergy, and contribution.

Strategic Planning

WisdomLab has a dedicated team of professionals and entrepreneurs who can provide startup facilitation services such as accounting/taxation systems, coworking, legal guidance, getting necessary licenses/registrations, and insurance protection in the best possible time.

Life Coaching

One of the core areas of WisdomLab is to provide coaching and training at group and individual levels to support optimal performance. Mindfulness training and optimal management tools are a part of this process.


Learning Lab

Supports research around our broad ethos with some key focus areas being Self-discovery processes and tools, Optimizing sustainability and technology in action, Innovation, Productive Collaboration, Value education and Social Ethics, and, Transformational Wisdom


Supports collaborative ambience with a 5,500 sq.ft. coworking facility and meeting spaces for entrepreneurs and their team members.

Mindfulness Center

Supports guided meditation through mindfulness training for interested partners and collaborators

Gallery Cafe

Our in-house cafeteria, partnerned by an Intrapreneur, serves nutritious and well balanced snacks and beverages in an artistic ambience.


(Online Foundation Program, 4 hr 30 min, Available 24x7)

Explore the gaps in your present level of Authenticity, Right understanding,  and Clarity (ARC),Understand what is holding you back Assess your Strengths, Resources, Goodwill and Life Purpose (SRG-LP), and Experience the power of deep listening to inspire to take purposeful and joyful action