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WisdomLab is a facilitating ecosystem that focuses on developing and harnessing “the practice of wisdom and the wisdom of practice” rather than relying only on data, information, and knowledge. By wisdom, we mean, “the expertise in the conduct and meaning of life”. WisdomLab has been evolving since 2005 and is a timely inrervention for humanity that is drowning in information while starving for wisdom-based clarity.

WisdomLab has been testing the kinds of inputs and ecosystems that can inspire a human being, a team or an enterprise to flourish and optimize the phenomenal potential of human civilisation … a question that many have asked and contemplated upon, and also inspired the initial research since early 1980s.

WisdomLab aims to create a difference for the human civilisation.

  1. In today’s world, where we are drowning in information yet starving for clarity, we have created an effective process for knowing oneself and for facilitating purposeful and principled team synergies in order to sustain happy and healthy individuals, teams, and society.
  2. In the early 19th century, Europe set up the first science laboratory as part of academia, while in the second half of the 20th century, U.S. initiated the computer laboratory that boosted the information age. In 21st century, we in India have conceptualized the wisdom laboratory with a mission to nurture the scientists and the sage within.
  3. WisdomLab is facilitating ecosystem that has a mission to awaken human genius to explore the scientist and the sage within so you can choose to live a joyful, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Our Support Eco-system!

The WisdomLab ecosystem comprises of L.I.F.E. + Art Gallery Cafe, all focussed on optimization of Human potential for Wellbeing through


(Coaching, Facilitation, Mentoring, Training)


(Research & Development Labs for humanity & planet friendly technologies)


(of Mental & Physical wellbeing as well as Collaborative Missions)


Art/Sculpture studio, Creative Lab, Design & Digital studio, Mindfulness Center, Library, Training centre,

The WisdomLab ecosystem has been evolving and is continuously improving in every possible dimension, especially when like minded, creative collaborators continue to take initiative and contribute their unique ideas and energies in making a difference through business or social enterprises at WisdomLab.

WisdomLab has confirmed through research and testing that team synergies flourish when shared Purpose (Vision), Principles (Ethics/Values), and Priorities (3Ps) are aligned. The 3P principle is the first foundational criteria for collaborative ventures at WisdomLab. WisdomLab is committed to the well-being of all associates as well as knowledge partners across seven dimensions:

Complete Awareness (Optimizing time, energy, ideas),
Knowing Oneself (Emotional & Wisdom quotient),
Health (Mental and Physical),
Wealth (Cashflow stability),
Relationships (Family & friends),
Professional Excellence (Habits of excellence), and
Life purpose (Making a difference that matters)

WisdomLab is the conceptualization of Mr. Raj S Amonkar but has been collectively developed by a core team that believes in the concept and practice of WISDOM. The core team is a coming together of unique individuals each of whom have made their own unique journey to the path of wisdom and are still on the road.

WisdomLab Core Team

Raj S. Amonkar

Raj S. Amonkar, PhD, is a Well-being researcher and Social entrepreneur 
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Deepak Chodankar

Deepak P Chodankar has been associated with the ESDM (Electronic System Design and Manufacturing) Industry since past over two and half decades.
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G. M. Dhumal

Mr G M Dhumal is a serial entrepreneur and a co-founder of a leading dairy and Agro-processing company.

Ram Gopalan

Ram Gopalan is an executive coach based out of Puducherry. Ram believes that “true change is always from within”.

Vincent Toscano

A global Senior Executive with 18 years in the IT industry, Vincent worked for the Tatas, Oracle and Infosys across a dozen countries.

Sh. Deepak Pagare

Sh. Deepak Pagare has served as member of Indian Railways technical staff for the past 3 decades.
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Create and sustain ecosystems that can inspire an individual, a team or an enterprise to optimize true potential of humanity’s wisdom through collaboration.


Bring together like-minded, creative collaborators who take initiative in combining their strengths, resources, and goodwill in alignment with shared Purpose, Principles, and Priorities.


WisdomLab has been evolving as a collaborative expression of humanity’s excellence since 2005. It is a timely evolution for humanity that is drowning in information while starving for wisdom-base clarity


Our core team is a coming together of unique individuals each of whom have made their own unique journey on the path of wisdom and are still on the road.